Universal Commands:
  • Advance to next scene, pause and unpause game-ENTER
  • Toggles between full screen and window mode-SHIFT
  • Ends game-ESCAPE
  • Reset game-BACKSPACE

Basic Commands:
  • Attack-SPACEBAR
  • Walk left-LEFT
  • Walk right-RIGHT
  • Jump up-UP
  • Jump left-UP+LEFT
  • Jump right-UP+RIGHT
  • Block-DOWN(tap)
  • Crouch-DOWN(hold)

Offensive Commands:
  • Jumpkick-UP, SPACEBAR
  • Directional jumpkick-UP+LEFT/RIGHT+SPACEBAR
  • Throw-DOWN(tap)+SPACBAR¬†
  • Arial uppercut-DOWN(hold for crouch), SPACEBAR
  • Phantom punch-LEFT(tap), LEFT(tap)
  • Phantom punch-RIGHT(tap), RIGHT(tap)
  • Quake punch-SPACEBAR(hold)

Defensive Commands:
  • Parry/counter¬†(while enemy attacks/near enviromental properties)-DOWN(tap), DOWN(tap)
  • Phantom charge parry/counter (while enemy attacks)-LEFT(tap), LEFT(tap), DOWN
  • Phantom charge parry/counter (while enemy attacks)-RIGHT(tap), RIGHT(tap), DOWN

Combo Commands:
  • Basic combo-SPACEBAR(tap) x5
  • Jumpkick quake-UP or UP+LEFT/UP+RIGHT(directional), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Aerial Punch quake-DOWN(hold for crouch), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Superman punch combo-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR
  • Superman punch-LEFT(tap), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR
  • Superman punch-RIGHT(tap), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR
  • Superman quake-LEFT(tap), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Superman quake-RIGHT(tap), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Combo 1-SPACEBAR(tap) x3, SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR
  • Combo 2-SPACEBAR(tap) x3, SPACEBAR(hold), DOWN
  • Combo 3-SPACEBAR(tap) x3, SPACEBAR(hold), UP
  • Combo 4-SPACEBAR(tap) x3, SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Alt combo 1-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(tap) x2
  • Alt combo 1-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(tap) x2
  • Alt combo 2-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR
  • Alt combo 2-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR
  • Alt combo 3-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), DOWN
  • Alt combo 3-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), DOWN
  • Alt combo 4-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), UP
  • Alt combo 4-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), UP
  • Alt combo 5-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), LEFT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR(hold)
  • Alt combo 5-SPACEBAR(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), RIGHT(tap), SPACEBAR(hold), SPACEBAR(hold)