In an era before the Great Flood, where the dawn of mankind has reached a civilized yet godless climax; an epic tale of one warrior’s journey will be unraveled in what will be known as, Chronicles of Gavri.

     The lineage of Cain has grown to become a great godless nation of barbaric terrorists governed by a dictator who rules as an emperor over the great cities of the land of Nod. The emperor of Nod was plagued by an unquenchable thirst for power that drove him to expand his empire beyond the forbidden borders of Nod; even unto the region of the heirs of Seth. These acts would ultimately provoked immediate war and judgment. In honor of his lordship, the chief regional rulers of Nod have collaborated in celebration of the dissolution of the "Sons of God " a unique covenant that flawlessly guarded the Sethonian allied, and blood lineal borders. They were born directly from the lineage of Seth (who was given as a gift to Adam because of the death of his first son Abel by Cain). These were great men of old, renown for their genetic superiority over the generational degrading descendants of Adam. They possessed all of Adam's attributes such as his incredible strength, speed, agility, communication with nature and animals & celestial dimensionional vision, to see angelic entities (men lost the later two almost immediately after the second generation of Adam). They also developed unique combative techniques that couldn't be matched by anyone outside of the covenant because of the conditioning methods and unique physical feats required.

     The SOG were segregated from the non-Cainite population, & even from the Sethonians, for their lifestyle was consecrated to the will of God. The SOG only ate from a divine garden that bore various fruits as that of Eden; this in effect complemented & preserved their physical and mental abilities. The SOG protected the borders from constant  attempts of invasion and attacks by the ever growing armies of the emperor of Nod. But they were still men, and as they ventured out from the covenant, they soon became corrupted by the indulgence of the affairs of men. And as the downward tapering of their distinct lifestyle increased, the final dissolution of the covenant would be sealed as the SOG began to mingle with the daughters of Cain. The women gave birth to a hybrid breed called the nephilim. These were men that grew abnormally in size and strength and were rage oriented. The Nephilim were not as powerful as the SOG ,but they grew in numbers and a were used to lead attacks against the cities outside of Nod. The covenant was eventually annihilated having been hunted down, killed, and enslaved by their own seeds of abomination. The borders were breached & chaos with utter destruction was upon all that were civil and just in the eyes of God.

     The last seed of the SOG would be bore by a righteous woman within the Sethonian lineage. Betrayed by her husband's infidelity with the daughters of Cain. She went into exile after her husband's last stand against the emperor's entire army. The last act as a repentant SOG, in honor of God, his family and the covenant. like all preordained SOG, the unborn child was consecrated before birth to be an instrument by which God will use to barricade the armies of the emperor. The child was named Gavri which in its a celestial understanding means, "Warrior of God". Living in exile near the garden of eden which was a place that mankind had migrated from for after being driven out  without return, since Adam and Eve's Fall. By Divine will, the celestial forces in charge of guarding Eden, permitted Gavri to grow and partake of the fruit that grew outside Eden's perimeter. Gavri's mother could not eat the fruit for she did not possess the same genome  as her son, nor could anyone else except for the SOG. As the child grew the guardian angels instructed the child in celestial combative arts as much as could be performed by a man. Gavri's mother was instructed not to shave the child's head as his 7 locks symbolizes the covenant of the life he will pursue as the warrior of the judgment of God. Gavri grew in grace as he was in the presence of God daily, and soon he would be sent away from the Edenic borders to fulfill his providential destiny.